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While the time difference between the UK and Guam often made it a challenge to collaborate, we made it work, driven by a desire to create something great.  

CLN's location also provided us with a number of technical challenges when it came to finding a payment provider that supported Guam. After trying a number of platforms and solutions, we finally found a positive outcome that worked well and meant they could launch their very first online store in November 2022. We wish them every success!


Despite living on opposite sides of the globe, the team at CLN connected with us after they were left high and dry by a developer who took their money and disappeared. A random post we put on a forum helping someone else with some custom code resulted in a connection that has produced a fantastic working relationship with our friends across the oceans.





Freddie Santiago, the creative genius behind CLN knows what he wants. He knows how he wants it to happen and has exacting standards for his fledgling brand, as he should do. That might be the reason we get on so well with him and his team.


Based in Guam, Freddie's desire to launch his own clothing brand built on his passion for community, collaboration and culture made them the perfect fit for us here at CubeSquared.


CubeSquared Digital! What can we say! Very collaborative, communicative and knowledgeable and honest when it comes to building a full-fledged website.


After another developer had ghosted me and taken my money I sought out a team that would provide quick services but most importantly, honest services!


With the race against time, I was honest and straight up with the folks from CSD about my experience prior to connecting with them and they immediately understood what I needed.


They made it happen despite hailing from different time zones and they completed the mission! Thank you to the whole team for the fantastic work they do and the customer service they provide!

Freddie Santiago   |  Founder & Chief Creative Officer  |  Culturally Livin Natives

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