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We wanted to keep the fun element of the original logo whilst creating something that was more sophisticated and elegant. Turning a 'duck' into a gin glass felt like the best way to do that and gave them a strong iconic brand identity on which to build.


We also wanted to pair the strong brand name with a font that retained a sense of style but also offered a mature, modern and complementary companion.

Sadly, due to the incredibly difficult economic climate, the business closed in early 2022. A sobering thought for any business. The Drunken Duckling may be gone but their ethos lives on. We look forward to working with their incredible team again on their next business venture.

"From the start of setting up the business, I had a vision of what I wanted the site to look like. Our original logo was quickly put together due to time constraints but never really sold us on the national market which was our aim. Thanks to CubeSquared Digital and the all-new logo, the business case was drawn up and away we went. Their team did an amazing job with our logo and I would fully recommend the services they deliver."

Luke Frost - Founder & Director

Drunken Duckling Drinks Emporium


The Drunken Duckling Drinks Emporium, based in Teesside, specialised in selling craft beer, artisanal spirits and hand-craft cider and wine, all brewed, distilled and produced in their local area.


The team at the DDDE approached us initially to build a website for their fledgling business. We were delighted to help them take their innovative drinks business online and give them a new revenue stream as they took their first steps into e-commerce. 


Later, we were also proud to continue our relationship and help them with a complete rebrand after they restructured their business. 





Its original logo was created by one of their founders. It was fun creation that served them well in the early days, but not one that fitted very well with their new image, especially once they restructured and decided to rebrand the business.


The Drunken Duckling needed something a little more 'adult' that gave them a strong brand identity in keeping with its future business strategies. They wanted to move on from just selling artisanal drinks and had big plans, including releasing their own-branded lager in collaboration with a local brewery, content creation and more.

Their original, self-created logo is.... interesting. Late nights and access to Canva can be a dangerous mix ;-)


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