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Within one logo, we tried to design something that incorporated his initial but also built it around the theme of a crown, all connected together. Even the typography is designed so that each letter is formed by one singular, unbroken connecting line.


The shade of blue chosen calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It also evokes peace, tranquility and security. As a bonus, it is also the same HEX colour as Morris' favourite football team; Chelsea FC.

We're excited to see where Morris takes his business next and we think we have given him an incredibly strong brand on which to build upon. We look forward to collaborating with him on many more projects in the future and knowing Morris as we do, can't see anything but a postive future for him and his clients.

"My Name is Morris Lothian. I used CubeSquared for some work that I needed to be done, which was to build a website and also a logo for my business.


They bent over backwards I would say in delivering the best possible solution needed to achieve the outcome needed.

They are a team of extreme talent and stay committed until the job is done. I shall be recommending them to other people and I would surely use them again. Thank you."

Morris 'The Connector' Lothian


Morris 'The Connector' Lothian approached us to help him build the brand for his new career as a Life Coach and Inspirational / Motivational Speaker.


Already a successful entrepreneur with an established business as a chauffeur to the rich and famous, including Justin Bieber and Beyoncé, Morris wanted to help others by sharing his incredible story and inspiring other people to succeed.


With little more than an idea, we helped him craft a narrative for his story, starting with the logo for his brand.





After speaking to Morris and hearing his amazing life story, one thing that struck our team was Morris' ethos that everyone can be the King or Queen of their own life.


From that small seed, we started to build a brand around that fundamental idea; from the logo, and website right through to creating a social media hashtag. As his business grew, he wanted to branch out into online courses, books, TV and, of course, connecting with people to help them become more. Everything we created needed to work across a range of merchandise, media and formats at various sizes.


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