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The NBWN relaunched their website in 2020 are we were immensely proud to help deliver a new look with added functionality that brought the organisation into the 21st century and gives them the technical foundation to deliver their strategic goals for many years to come.

"For over a decade, the team behind CubeSquared Digital have become an integral part of the diverse marketing and business campaigns that have been undertaken by the National Black Women’s Network (NBWN). 

They constantly demonstrate an exceptional and creative talent for developing innovative content and turning out high-quality copy in a timely, professional and pragmatic manner – often under tight deadlines.  


Irrespective of the size and sector or the organisation; formal, innovative or ‘quirky’ they are an asset for any team, project or company looking to deliver to the highest standard. 

Due to their wide-ranging knowledge; expertise and forward-thinking skills, I would not hesitate to recommend them to those looking for top performers!"

Sonia Brown MBE - Founder


Founded in 1999, the National Black Women’s Network (NBWN) is a non- profit organisation dedicated to increasing the representation, progression and inclusion of women of colour in all sectors of business, professions and government.





Founded by Sonia Brown MBE, the NBWN supports its members by providing dynamic initiatives through network support, leadership, mentoring and access to events featuring industry leaders.  To achieve that, they needed the ideal platform to help their members develop strong professional and social contacts and to deliver their high quality training and education programmes online. We also created their dedicated social media hashtag #YouBelongHere used across a multitude of formats and mediums to build synergy for their brand.

Having worked with Sonia for a decade or so in various businesses and a number of different high-profile, high-impact projects, the team CubeSquared are uniquely placed to help understand how she works and how to best provide services that support her work and that of the network. We are proud to call her, not only a client but a friend.


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