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All Systems Go! v2.0

It's taken a while, but our new website is finally live! Enjoy it! We hope you like it.

We are really proud of how it looks, how it works and how it showcases our work, our team and our ethos.

The site itself offers a long more interaction for the users and retains that playful sense of humour that is part of our DNA here at CubeSquared.

You will see that moved away from the bright (aka retina burning) yellow of the previous site for a more muted palette that we think is a little easier on the eye.

It still retains our branding in terms of colour schemes, but now uses those more muted colours to help the user navigate the site and get them to all the great content we want to shout about.

Why Did It Take So Long?

Good question! One which we've asked ourselves multiple times since we undertook this process.

To be perfectly honest with you, we've been going through a particularly busy period working on a number of varied big projects for a number of clients, so we've been pretty stretched. Obviously, our priority was our clients so we prioritised their work over ours.

The fact is we're only a small business with a small team and, particularly in these difficult economic times, we need to deliver for our clients, keep our own heads above water (obvs) and we think we have done just that and will continue to do.

That said, we have obviously been chipping away at it behind the scenes, doing a little bit here and a little bit there, iterating line of code by line of code. Sure it underwent a number of revisions throughout the design process (as all things should) but we hope you like the final product.

We also hope you like our rebranding. We are REALLY happy with the new logo that is both simple and elegant and fully encapsulates us as a company; a group of good people doing great things for our clients. Rubie has delivered us something we all love.

We know we've been a bit light on the whole 'blog writing' front and we aim to address that full-on. We couldn't bring across the views, likes and comments the blogs garnered to the new platform, but that doesn't mean you can't read, like and comment on them again.

We've got some amazing stuff coming soon and we hope we'll come along on the journey with us as we launch CubeSquaredDigital v2.0! Let's go!


Blog image courtesy of Andy Hermawan on Unsplash

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